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About Trucker Bangin

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As a direct spin-off of Sirius Satellite Radio's famed Shade45 program, T.B.E. [Trucker Bangin' Entertainment] is the brainchild of Oliver Jackson, whose sole mission is to bring full attention to the various issues that plague and affect short and long haul truck drivers on a daily basis.

With the help of Jackson's business partner, TJ, and popular radio personality, Mz. Angela Yee, a.k.a. the "1st Lady of Trucker Bangin'," together, the trio, got the ball rollin' rather quickly. Their all-to-true motto to live by is: "Truckers make the world go 'round. Without us, everything stops!" It has been already proven that truckers are one of the biggest consumers of music, and the harshest critics -- Why, one asks? The answer is quite simple: "'Cause we listen to music on an average of 11 hours a day while we drive."

As the show began to expand, and take on a different direction, the truckers decided to unite in order to form Trucker Bangin' Entertainment. Now considered to be a driving force in the music industry, T.B.E.'s main objective is to give unsigned deejays, artists, producers and models, a major platform to showcase their talents. The company currently distributes to well over 200 individual truckers worldwide, who in turn get the material into the hands of potential future fans. Isn't it true? Almost every direction one turns, a truck is always present. Keep in mind, the truck is always moving product from point A to point B.

To add to the list of promotional platforms, Trucker Bangin has built a partnership with The Hype Magazine, the worlds largest digital platform. The Jameelah Wilkerson publisher of the Hype Magazine was recently covered in the USA Today, for created a concept called "Digeprint" and they are now working with Trucker Bangin full force to create a worldwide promotional outlet for the entertainment industry.

Trucker Bangin will be the next best thing to a national Dj Coalition and radio stations, we will get the music out through our channels to build a solid fan base for artists in towns that don’t have access to major top 40 radio stations or a mixtape Dj distributing the new music.

About Oliver Jackson: Born overseas, Jackson was a military brat. Growing up, he was well-traveled due to the fact that the family moved around a lot. This gave Oliver the opportune chance of being exposed to different cultures and their music. In the eighties, Oliver Jackson got heavily into break-dancing and deejaying. His earliest influences came from pioneering New York City Hip-Hop stations; such as, WBLS and Kiss-FM. "I can remember Mr. Magic's Rap Attack Show. (And,) other deejays like Kool Herc, Red Alert, Melle Mel, Grandmaster Flash, Kay Slay, Jam Master Jay, and many others..." Jackson recalls.

Fast forward, and after serving 17 years for his country, Oliver Jackson continues to be a true voice in Hip-Hop...Still deejaying and also trucking!

As employer to over 200 truckers worldwide...Embrace the movement!


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