Artists STOP giving away ur music!!!!

“Artists STOP giving away ur music”
by: DjBigO317

Wats the businezz everyone yeah buddy its me DjBigO317, today I’m talk about u “Artists giving away ur Music” With me personally its an instant FAIL!!! Alot of U all feel well it will help me grown my fan base, well YES & NO.

I always tell artists I have worked with before if U spend $165.00 to get 300 Cds pressed up w/ lite script & all ur contact info, at least try to sell ur Dj Service Pack Single for $1.00. Why only $1.00 cause U spent .55 cents per CD, now ur making a profit of .45 cents plus U asking for a $1.00 is not going to hurt anyone even if they don’t know U Its all in ur approach. If they like ur Single & they want more of ur Music then they will look u up online to see were they can purchase ur other music from the digital online retailers.

If U do give away Music make U only give it away to Djs for Free, but it would not hurt to still ask for a $1.00 if a Dj see U tring to do the right thing they will support U & ur movement.

Now when getting Cds pressed up & they are ur Mixtape don’t give Djs a Mixtape, seriously cause I know if ur music order is placed right & ur single off the mixtape is track #4 but if track #1 & #2 are Garbage im never goin to hear ur single cause 9/10 I threw ur mixtape out the window while driving down the highway. If U do press up mixtapes then U need to def sell them as well. Wat price should U sell them at well thats totally up to U.

So with that been said when ur at any open mics or music industry mixers have ur self a team of sexy ladies to help sell ur music! If u have a team togather it looks like u have a serious movement, yes U the artist needs to be selling ur music to at every venue. Artist stop saying its embarrassing for U to sell ur own product, I call Bull Shit!!! If U don’t feel good about selling ur music then why would I or ur team try to sell ur product!

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  • DjBigO317 ™

    these are just my personal feeling on how backwards artists do things

  • A-1 da Last Drop

    insightful & very realistic, thanks bruh. great advice!!!

  • DjBigO317 ™

    Good lookin on the post… thanks please share with other Djs & Artists… this wat I do tech Indies how to get money off there products, if they make money we djs make money

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  • Anonymous

    i disagree, here is why