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Trucker Bangin Ent. Publishing

We aim to provide a platform for the best possible exposure for our writers and their works, and to create income from the various streams available in the world of music today.

This ranges from public performances, to broadcast, mechanical royalties, and synchronisation of music to moving images. We can ensure all works we deal with are correctly registered and income derived from these works can attributed accurately. As well as administering and monitoring, we also actively promote our repertoire to a wide range of leading companies in television, film, games and advertising.

We're proudly independent and aim to provide a personal, passionate and strategic service in everything we do.

Some of our writers services include;

- Pro-active promotion of our catalogue to an extensive range of UK and international contacts working in video games, advertising, film and other media

- Regular newsletters and updates to our contact list of TV production companies who use music under blanket agreements

- Opportunities to compose music for sync projects

- Timely and transparent royalty accounting

- Introductions to our record label and management contacts

- Links and introductions to agents and pr specialists

- Advice and guidance if needed

In addition to Trucker Bangin Ent. we work closely with individual sync partners who pitch our catalogue in various other territories across the globe.